Welsh Lib Dems demand Labour find the money to fix our roads

22 Jul 2023
Traffic cone in a pothole

A major row broke out at a recent  council meeting, when Welsh Lib Dem opposition leader, Chris Holley, pointed out that there are millions of pounds sitting in a council reserve that could be used to fix our roads.

The so-called capital equalisation fund currently has £14 million in it, which would make a big dent in the £70 million backlog of repairs needed to fix the city’s infrastructure. 

Instead this money is being kept to fund the huge borrowing undertaken by the Labour administration to build vanity projects such as the Arena (£140m), the new council hub in the former BHS building in Oxford Street (at least £15m), Skyline (£8m) and Castle Square (£9m), to name a few.

Speaking in the council chamber, Cllr Holley said: “It’s all well and good having these fancy projects, but if you can’t get to them because the roads are in a hell of a mess there’s no point having them.”

He called for “more funding to be put into tackling our winter-battered roads.”