This Labour spending spree must end for the benefit of the council tax payers

22 Jul 2023
Swansea Guild Hall

Welsh Lib Dem Cllr Chris Holley has called on Swansea Council to abandon their plans to transform the former BHS stores in Oxford Street into a council hub and move the project to the former Debenham's store instead. The exact details of costs remain confidential but Welsh Lib Dem councillors believe that the work needed to convert the dilapidated former BHS stores high.

Instead, Cllr Chris Holley is calling on the council to direct its resources to refurbishing Debenhams as the new hub, including the library and archives, as a far more suitable, accessible and central location for these functions. With the bus station on its front entrance and a car park alongside. Such a move would also help to attract more retailers to that area and keep the Quadrant as a viable shopping venue.

Commenting on the plans for the former BHS store, Cllr Chris Holley said:

"At the last budget we were told that there was limit on how much we could borrow and that was affordable over the next five years, which was £50m. Since that announcement a whole series of projects have been approved, or have overspent, meaning that most of that £50m has vanished in less than 12 months."

"That is unacceptable. It will mean that council tax will increase more than it should as we seek to repay loans, while key infrastructure such as our roads remain underfunded and will consequently gets worse. Putting the hub in the former Debenhams store will save money and allow us to invest it into our roads and other basics instead."

"This Labour spending spree must end for the benefit of the council tax payers "